Get on Track with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Swale Community Leisure and the Maidstone Leisure Trust are partnering with Dame Kelly Holmes Trust to deliver a new programme called, Get on Track, for young people between the ages of 16-25; who are NEET (not in employment, education or training) or at risk of becoming NEET.

The programme uses an ex-athlete, in our case GB Gold Medallist Claire Bennett, to help mentor and motivate young people, build their skills and help to stay in education, find jobs, employment or training opportunities. The programme also targets those who live in a low socio-economic output area.

At the moment these sessions will just be virtual however, subject to government guidelines and social distancing rules, we hope to get delivering in person once it is safe to do so. The programme is free for young people who meet the criteria.

We would encourage anyone interested in the programme for themselves, or alternatively an organisation wishing to refer young people in to the programme, to get in touch.

For more information, please contact

Cycle for Fun and Fitness


Cycling is good for your physical fitness and mental health and it is good for the environment. All true, but it is also fun.

Fun on a bike comes in a variety of ways and you certainly don’t have to wear Lycra! Whether it is on or off the road, bikes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are used for touring, some for racing. Some to transport us to work or the shops and all of them reduce our carbon footprint. Electric bikes, are gaining in popularity especially amongst the older population. My club the San Fairy Ann CC has several riders well into their 80’s who are not ready to give up cycling and that little bit of help on hills has given them the opportunity to continue to enjoy the benefits of cycling for several  years to come. I ride with an 87yr old most weeks in a group called the Wednesday Wobblers, he said that he might think about an electric bike for his 90thbirthday!

So it doesn’t matter what your age is, cycling is for everyone. The Maidstone Leisure Trust can give clubs and organisations in the Maidstone area, who promote a sport or similar leisure activities, a small grant to help them build their club. Cycling is most certainly included, so we are here to help. Details of how to apply for bursaries can be found on our Trust website

Cycling events for the elite and the beginner alike are available in our local area and these can be located on-line.  Some long distance events such as sportives are usually quite challenging. However, many charities run cycling events aimed at beginners as well as the more experienced. Distances can range between 30km and 100Km. They invariably include a route that is enjoyable and not too arduous. The primary aim is for the riders to raise funds for the charity but they are also fun to do.

Clive Bradburn

The Maidstone Leisure Trust


Some Helpful Contacts

San Fairy Ann CC
British Cycling Let’sRide
MCC Off Road
KCC Cycle Training
Cycling UK  ( ex- CTC)
Recumbent Cycling
Over 40’s
Off Road
Balance Bikes
Social Rides
Time Trials
Charity rides





Exciting accessibility enhancements coming to Maidstone Leisure Centre

Over £30,000 worth of accessibility enhancements are coming to Maidstone Leisure Centre to complement the existing facilities, helping disabled users get more from their time at the centre. Work on the improvements will begin 25th February.

Maidstone Leisure Centre already has one pool hoist, which helps people get in and out of the pool, plus a range of other accessible features, like large automatic doors, all floors being lift accessible, and guide dogs being welcome on site.

The planned additions will include an improved disabled changing area, which will qualify for changing places (u) status, a shower changing room with wet and dry seats and two new pool hoists.

These new facilities have been joint funded by Maidstone Leisure Trust, Maidstone Borough Council, Serco and Swim Mobility, the disabled swimming club based at the centre.

Dispelling The Rumours

The Future of Maidstone Leisure Centre – Dispelling the Rumours

For several months now rumours have been circulating that Maidstone Leisure Centre is set to be demolished. Despite the efforts of Maidstone Borough Council to set the record straight the rumours continue to circulate and, on each telling, seem to translate into something worse; recently the word is that the land will be used for housing. There is no foundation to these rumours which have largely been sparked by inaccurate articles in the local press, but they have been unsettling both for staff who have concerns over their jobs and careers, and for those considering investing in improvements and developments at the Leisure Centre.

Therefore, the Maidstone Leisure Trust, who run the leisure centre, has decided to issue this statement explaining the actual situation and would encourage any interested party to point others towards it and, if further clarification is needed, to contact the Trust directly at


First a bit of history to explain where we are today and how we got here. In the early 2000’s, for a variety of reasons, local authorities were busy divesting themselves of responsibility for running many of their facilities and subsequently outsourcing the provision to other operators. Against this backdrop, in 2007 Maidstone Borough Council put the running of the Leisure Centre out to tender and the recently formed Maidstone Leisure Trust, under the chairmanship of Paul Alcock at the time, was awarded the contract in partnership with Serco Leisure. In 2009 the contract was re-tendered to take account of changes in the regulatory framework and the Maidstone Leisure Trust/Serco Leisure partnership was again awarded the contract with a 15 year lease to give all parties the opportunity to make plans and investments with the security of a fixed, longer term operating period. Since that time, in line with the operating agreement, there has been significant investment in the Leisure Centre by both Serco and Maidstone Borough Council and the Trust has been re-investing its share of operating surpluses into the development of sport and active leisure around the borough of Maidstone.

What’s in the Pipeline?

Fast forward to 2018/19 and, with around 5 years remaining on the lease, the time has come for all interested parties to begin the review process in readiness for the end of the current contract period in 2024. As is always the case under these circumstances, the end of a contract period gives all parties the opportunity to review and plan to make sure that the council tax payers of Maidstone are continuing to benefit from the best facilities possible within the constraints of funding, local resources and local need. Consequently, a review of the current facilities (both the leisure centre itself and the wider provision of sport and leisure facilities in the Maidstone area) sits alongside plans and wishes for how the future of sport and active leisure in Maidstone is to develop over the coming years. As far as Maidstone Leisure Centre is concerned, whilst the building itself is showing signs of age, the facilities on offer, especially the range of water-based pools and activities, are amongst the best in Kent and there is no appetite whatsoever for reducing the breadth of this facility. The question is how to maintain and build on it.

It is absolutely right that Maidstone Borough Council should now be reviewing the future direction of the Leisure Centre alongside its wider plans for the provision of sport and leisure facilities in Maidstone. This they are actively doing and they will undoubtedly, and rightly, be considering all options and consulting widely. Maidstone Leisure Trust is fully supportive of MBC in this process, is committed to help develop their plans, and will be tendering for the new Leisure Centre contract in 2024. In the meantime, investment in the Leisure Centre continues with a significant planned re-furbishment of the gym and the installation of improved disabled facilities under the Changing Places scheme. Both of these initiatives require significant finance and neither would be happening were there any expectation of the imminent closure of the Leisure Centre.

So we ask those responsible for circulating unsubstantiated stories in the local community to step back and look at the quality of leisure and sports provision that the town has to offer. The Leisure Centre is and will continue to be, central in that provision so we invite everyone to support us and take part in the forthcoming consultation process to ensure that the residents of Maidstone get the best sport and leisure facilities possible.

For more information about Maidstone Leisure Centre please visit
For more information about Maidstone Leisure Trust please visit

Thank You
Clive Bradburn
Chairman – Maidstone Leisure Trust
January 2019

Forthcoming events

Maidstone is host to many sporting events.  Some of the up coming ones can be viewed here.

Funding Updates

Next Funding Round

In our Trustees meeting on 3rd September 2018 we agreed funding for 2 new applicants whose details will be made available shortly.  Our next round of funding will be discussed in our December 3rd meeting.  If you would like to apply for funding for your project or activity you can find out more by clicking here.

Maidstone Swim Relay 2018

Fun For Everyone

The Rotary Club of Maidstone Riverside applied for a grant to fund the staging of the 2018 year’s Maidstone Swim Relay, which was held at Maidstone Leisure Centre on Sunday 25thNovember. This is a charity event which raises funds for both Children-in-Need and the participants chosen charity or activity. Teams of between 4 and 6 swimmers swam for 30 minutes to see how many lengths of the pool the team could achieve in that time. It was a great fun afternoon with teams coming from a wide range of organisations, such as schools, clubs and family teams. In the two previous years that the event has been held, with the support of the Maidstone Leisure Trust and the facilities kindly provided by Maidstone Leisure Centre, over £33,000 has been raised for the charities.  In 2018 a record amount of over £13,500 was raised.