Cycle for Fun and Fitness


Cycling is good for your physical fitness and mental health and it is good for the environment. All true, but it is also fun.

Fun on a bike comes in a variety of ways and you certainly don’t have to wear Lycra! Whether it is on or off the road, bikes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are used for touring, some for racing. Some to transport us to work or the shops and all of them reduce our carbon footprint. Electric bikes, are gaining in popularity especially amongst the older population. My club the San Fairy Ann CC has several riders well into their 80’s who are not ready to give up cycling and that little bit of help on hills has given them the opportunity to continue to enjoy the benefits of cycling for several  years to come. I ride with an 87yr old most weeks in a group called the Wednesday Wobblers, he said that he might think about an electric bike for his 90thbirthday!

So it doesn’t matter what your age is, cycling is for everyone. The Maidstone Leisure Trust can give clubs and organisations in the Maidstone area, who promote a sport or similar leisure activities, a small grant to help them build their club. Cycling is most certainly included, so we are here to help. Details of how to apply for bursaries can be found on our Trust website

Cycling events for the elite and the beginner alike are available in our local area and these can be located on-line.  Some long distance events such as sportives are usually quite challenging. However, many charities run cycling events aimed at beginners as well as the more experienced. Distances can range between 30km and 100Km. They invariably include a route that is enjoyable and not too arduous. The primary aim is for the riders to raise funds for the charity but they are also fun to do.

Clive Bradburn

The Maidstone Leisure Trust


Some Helpful Contacts

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British Cycling Let’sRide
MCC Off Road
KCC Cycle Training
Cycling UK  ( ex- CTC)
Recumbent Cycling
Over 40’s
Off Road
Balance Bikes
Social Rides
Time Trials
Charity rides