In partnership with Maidstone Borough Council and Serco Leisure, Maidstone Leisure Trust has 5 overarching shared objectives. The partnership aims to:

  1. See a significant rise in participation levels in healthy activities across the Borough.
  2. Provide leisure and sporting activities that are accessible to all.
  3. Deliver a financially sustainable business model.
  4. Support the development of a long term strategy for the provision of leisure in the Borough.
  5. Operate the facilities in a way such as to minimise the impact on the environment.

In addition, and linked to the above partnership objectives, Maidstone Leisure Trust has the following range of specific operational objectives for the period up until May 2024. These are:

  1. To extend the Trust’s communications throughout the Borough with the aim of raising awareness of the facilities available to the public to improve their health, fitness and well-being.
  2. To review the extent of the various in-house and other users of the Maidstone Leisure Centre to ensure the greatest diversity and maximum opportunity for all users to gain their own potential.
  3. To review the extent of the various wider activities currently in place or proposed within the Borough, to ensure the greatest diversity and maximum opportunity for all participants to gain their own potential.
  4. To support the development of sport and active leisure (SpAL)in Maidstone overall
  5. To increase the uptake in SpAL in Maidstone amongst hard to reach groups and support and recognise groups and individuals with ‘non-mainstream’ issues and needs such as those with disabilities, high achieving/elite sports people etc, to participate and progress in their chosen sport/activity.
  6. To build relationships with clubs and other sport and active leisure providers and raise awareness of the support that may be available from TMLT to help them develop and improve their activities.
  7. To build relationships and seek co-funding arrangements with other bodies to maximise the financial effectiveness of TMLT funding and develop the financial sustainability of TMLT beyond the term of the current Leisure Centre contract.
  8. To have regard to financial and environmental sustainability in all Trust activities.
  9. To work collaboratively with Maidstone Borough Council and other bodies to develop the long term provision and sustainability of SpAL in the Borough
  10. To oversee the operation of Maidstone Leisure Centre and Mote Adventure Zone.
  11. To improve and develop the effectiveness and sustainability of the Trust through improved practices and the ongoing recruitment of suitably experienced and interested trustees

NB:   SpAL = Sport and Active Leisure