The role of Trustee is unpaid and voluntary, not unlike the role of a school governor. Trustees are therefore publicly minded people who share an interest in the health and well-being of their community, have professional and/or life experiences that can contribute to the organisation’s aims, and are willing and able to donate some time to meet and discuss relevant issues.

There are currently 6 Trustees of Maidstone Leisure Trust all of whom have either an interest in sport and active leisure or specific skills, knowledge or experience that helps the Trust deliver its objectives, or both. Information about them can be found here.

Trustees meet every quarter to discuss issues arising from the management of the Leisure Centre and also any other matters relating to the Trust objectives and action plan.

Becoming a Trustee

Anyone can apply or be invited to be a Trustee provided that:

  • there is a vacancy
  • they are able to attend quarterly board meetings, AGM and occasional Special Meetings.
  • they have an interest in sport and active leisure in the community and/or
  • they have specific skills, knowledge or experience that will contribute to the Trust’s objectives and action plan
  • they are able and willing to utilise personal skills and experience with development projects eg to
    • identify, visit and report on community projects
    • assist with grant applications
    • visit grant awarded projects to ensure appropriate expenditure
    • visit to oversee operations and maintenance at the Leisure Centre and Adventure Zone
    • support the Trust Officers in meeting objectives

The Trust is actively seeking to build a diverse Board and would welcome applications from those from the widest possible range of skills and experience regardless of gender or ethnicity. They should have gained experience and skills in areas such as business, commerce, public service, sports/leisure or the voluntary sector. All trustees must be volunteers. To express an interest in becoming a trustee please contact the Trust Chairman at .

Acceptance of new trustees is subject to a vote of existing Trustees.