Great Home Run

The Maidstone Leisure Trust are supporting through the month of April, an initiative aimed at helping people keep active, depending on their own physical limitations, and at the same time trying to raise money for some of our great local charities and giving the opportunity to local clubs to win some funds.

The idea is that people think up an activity, register it through the Great Home Run website (it’s completely free), and do it through the month of April.  We ask participants to tell all their friends, family, networks etc about it and try to raise some money. It can be any activity as long as it’s active and is within the Covid rules.

Activities so far registered include static rowing, an attempt on Everest (equivalent), cycling, walking, we even have someone taking their cat for daily walks…  So the activity can be pretty much anything as long as it’s active.

All relevant information is available on the event website

For more information but please feel free to contact:

We sincerely hope you, your members, or their families will be able to join us in this endeavour