What’s happening and where

The Borough of Maidstone has a very wide range of sports and active leisure provision for all levels of ability.  Capturing it all in one place is a challenge so, accepting that we won’t capture everything, we are including on these pages links both to those clubs and groups that we know about and also to umbrella bodies and other organisations who have their own lists on their own websites.  So you may have to do a bit of searching but hopefully you’ll find what you are looking for somewhere here.

Maidstone Leisure Trust doesn’t provide activities.  We are here to help support the many highly committed clubs and organisations at the Leisure Centre and around the borough to do what they do best. Here are listings of some of what is available around the borough.  The situation is ever changing and so this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list.  It’s just here to help point people in the right direction.

If you have a club or organisation you’d like to be listed here please let us know at info@maidstoneleisure.org


None of the listed organisations have any formal links to Maidstone Leisure Trust.  The attached listings and links are for information only and Maidstone Leisure Trust bears no responsibility for the accuracy of any information nor any liability for the activities of any other organisation.